Masks were seen as a salvation during the 1918 influenza pandemic. What happened next was remembered for one hundred years. We forgot it in 2020, but…
The Roald Dahl controversy points to the much deeper corporate cultural problem of treating art as disposable

February 2023

Assuming a perfect world and a spherical cow, what would it look like to rebuild trust in an institution like the CDC?
When the CDC failed in its mission during the pandemic, the marketplace for trustworthy expertise responded with worthy alternatives.

January 2023

Recent studies touting the dangers of gas stoves are part of a political playbook that weaponizes regulatory agencies to achieve political goals.
The overwhelming indifference to Twitter's recent display of censorship shows that we need more social pressure to discourage government censorship

December 2022

If you want to discover more about a loved one, Storyworth is a great way to explore their stories
People are using a chatbot to create game prompts, leading to questions about whether AI can create virtual worlds compelling enough to engage our…
The speed and security of Florida elections rely on common-sense policies that can be easily replicated

November 2022

The Fetterman, Oz debate leads us to to ask why journalists continue to sacrifice truth for partisanship

October 2022

How The New Right Trusts ExpertsListen now (12 min) | The claim that the emerging right-wing has abandoned elite expertise has merit but misses the ways in which they continue to rely…
Approving Vaccines Under Pressure (Part 2)Listen now (7 min) | The CDC presented the ACIP members with a lose-lose scenario, forcing their hand and ignoring their objections concerning the…